ABOUT the Association for Research in Business Education (ARBE)


The Association for Research in Business Education (ARBE) is the national research society in business education.  ARBE (formerly Delta Pi Epsilon) was established in 1936 at New York University.  ARBE is the research division of the National Business Education Association.


ARBE Byline


Excellence in Research for the Classroom, the Boardroom, and Beyond


Mission and Purposes


The mission of the Association for Research in Business Education is to encourage scholarly inquiry related to all areas of business education, promote the use of research to enhance business and education, encourage critique of the field, and foster the dissemination and practical application of research results.  ARBE members have the opportunity to collaborate on research projects of critical interest to the profession, present research findings to national audiences, and receive recognition for scholarship in business education.

ARBE endeavors to:


  1. promote research that adds to existing knowledge in the field of business education

  2. facilitate the dissemination of research findings and the diffusion of knowledge

  3. encourage cooperative effort in research and professional development activities in all business disciplines

  4. advance quality education and refine curriculum and pedagogy through critique, research, and instructional improvement activities

  5. contribute to the development of leadership abilities of members

  6. advance the profession by encouraging educators to take pride in serving business students, meeting the interests of members, creating position papers, holding panel discussions at professional meetings, sponsoring research projects, and representing members’ interests on policy-making boards such as the Policies Commission for Business and Economic Education (PCBEE) and the Council for Economic Education (CEE)

  7. recognize outstanding research and publications in the business education field

  8. provide members with team-building and networking opportunities




Our organization moves with focus—embracing critique and seizing new research opportunities--to reshape, guide, and sustain the dynamic nature of education for and about business.


ARBE Values


The Association for Research in Business Education embraces the following values: 


Encouraging Quality Research. We publish a refereed research journal, The Journal for Research in Business Education, focusing on empirical research, sponsor a national conference for research presentations, the Business Education Research Conference held in conjunction with the National Business Education Association Annual Convention, and support research projects. We offer research-training sessions at conference meetings.


Recognizing Quality Research. We sponsor a national dissertation award and a national independent research award.


Disseminating Quality Research. We provide our members the results of quality research and improve the research skills of our members.


Improving Teaching. We publish a refereed journal, Journal of Applied Research for Business Instruction, related to effective instructional strategies.  We encourage our members to be innovative and creative members of the business education profession and to use research to create more effective instructional strategies.


Building Professionalism. We sponsor two refereed journals, on-going special publications, and a national research and teaching conference, The Business Education Research Conference held in conjunction with the National Business Education Association Annual Convention. We encourage professional involvement through national committee participation and organizational involvement.


Practicing Teamwork. We treat one another with respect—creating value by working together within and across the profession. We enthusiastically embrace teamwork.


Living up to these values is an ongoing challenge that we must strive to meet every day.




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