ARBE Committees




Dr. Jorge Gaytan, Chair 

Administer all awards including the National Leadership Award, Master’s Research Award, Doctoral Research Award, and Independent Research Award. Vigorously publicize the research awards nomination criteria and deadlines throughout the year through various communication media. Solicit the organization’s journal editors for nominations for the Independent Research Award. Determine if additional awards are needed to recognize member achievement. Identify the number of nominations and recipients of each award category for the past five years and determine if award categories need to be updated or revised to better reflect the needs of the membership. 



Dr. Jim Larsgaard, Chair

Continue to develop a marketing plan to include identified market segments and marketing strategies for reaching segment constituents. Identify who is responsible for each strategy and how to access strategy effectiveness. Create a marketing folder or series of flyers that can be displayed and/or distributed at regional NBEA and state meetings/conferences and included in dues renewal notices. Encourage members to market ARBE by displaying and distributing brochures and other ARBE materials at regional, state, and national conferences. Develop and implement several recruiting activities and events during the NBEA convention, including the ARBE vendor-area booth (ensure it is staffed during vendor hours, offer interesting materials to encourage interest, etc.). Work with other established committees to identify new members.



Dr. David Hylsop, Chair 

Review and make recommendations for revisions of the bylaws. Study the total structural framework of the organizatoin, including committee structure and recommend changes in these functions.


Dr. Edward C. Fletcher, Jr., Chair 

Oversee the publication of the Journal for Research in Business Education and the Journal of Applied Research for Business Instruction. Monitor the quality of publications. Review current publications to ensure that they are timely and relevant and determine if new editions need to be written. Assess the number of issues each journal publishes and recommend a number to guarantee to libraries every year. Develop promotional materials to publicize the publication opportunities; coordinate with the membership committee to market materials more broadly. Establish a timeline for publications, including what publications need to be discontinued and publication dates of new publications. Oversee the development and publication of special topic publications of importance to the Society and the profession. Investigate impact factors for the journals to document their quality and identify recommendations to improve their ratings, especially as related to AACSB.



Chair TBA

Develop a strategic plan for meeting the mutual research needs of ARBE and NBEA (develop an initiative to promote relevant and substantive research). Evaluate how ARBE can provide leadership for instructing business educators in conducting and evaluating research (offer training programs to enhance new professionals’ writing and reviewing skills). Evaluate how ARBE and NABTE can collaborate to strengthen research in business education. Identify appropriate research topics for the profession that could be developed and pursued by individuals and/or ARBE. Create an on-going list of concise research tips (e.g., resources, best practices, etc.) that can be distributed to members through monthly e-blasts as a benefit of ARBE membership. Complete research projects in progress.



Chair TBA

Recommend how to transition the organization into the future. Develop long-term strategies for the next five to ten years for sustaining the organization. Identify ways ARBE can promote its objectives. Determine services which can be provided to NBEA. Integrate issues related to the promotion, facilitation, and support of ARBE and NBEA in the future. 



Dr. Edward C. Fletcher, Jr.; Dr. Frederick W. Polkinghorne; and Dr. Tena Crews; ARBE Representatives

Dr. Marcel M. Robles and Dr. Cheryl Weidmaier, Ex-Officio Members




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